The sweet woodruff battle

Every child knows that “Tingle from the bag”. The sweet woodruff battle depicts a complete world of adventure that fascinates both the 4-year-old Teletubby and the introverted sixth-grader. The broad-based convergence campaign for the cult brand Ahoj-Brause awakened collection and gaming fever in print, on TV, on the internet and at POS. The coupled use of an in-pack promotion with collection stickers, a high-quality collection album as an insert in the highest-circulation print magazine and a national games contest enabled the brand to expand the age-specific target group.


Media: TV Spot / Print / Out-of-Home / Point-of-Sale / Website / Online Advertising

The TV campaign emotionalizes the world of the Ahojans and their enemies, encouraging the collection passion. The advertising aspect is consciously kept discreet, as in the collection album. The spot resembles a movie trailer. It turns figures into true heroes, giving us a first look to the world of the Ahojans and their aspiring candidates.

The collection album with 36 heroes from six different worlds is transported into a million children's rooms via the kid magazines with the farthest reach, as a high-quality add-on to the back page of the magazine.

An advertising campaign ahead of the add-on advertises the Heft-Extra magazine in all titles, reaching net 34.5% of the target group.


In the jump-and-run game, a battle takes place for the Forest Championship in three levels, and the story which has started in the collection magazine is finished. There, each individual decides the end of the story.

The game is tied into the interactive world of the collection album. Numerous experience gimmicks ensure that kids will stay for long periods. An online advertising campaign advertises the games contest on the most popular internet sites of the kids.

At the start of the school year, the call to the forest championship takes place directly in front of schools. On 18-1 posters.