My First Time

Only 6.3 % of Europeans wear contact lenses regularly. The biggest barrier for potential contact lens wearers is the fear of putting a foreign object in their eye c and the discomfort this may cause. Alcon, the global market leader in ophthalmology, hopes to counteract these prejudices with a new, awareness campaign for contact lenses.

Media: TV / YouTube / Print / Point-of-Sale / Sales communications / Facebook

On YouTube and TV, the new wearer campaign presents “for the first time”, in an ambiguous manner. In this way, the campaign clearly conveys how easy is “the first time” and how positively contact lenses can influence your life. Conversion rate of You Tube spots: 7.47%. 21.1% of achieved video views are achieved by viral spread.

After the successful start on YouTube, the campaign is optimized for TV in its second year and rolled out in 9 countries throughout Europe with a brand spot.


To transform the recall at opticians' shops into successful contact lens fittings, opticians receive a decorative package with the most important products of Alcon´s contact lens product range.

To transform persons interested in contact lenses into contact lens wearers, “wearlenses” – a multilingual category website for contact lenses – is created, showing the general benefits, displaying Alcon products, and enabling direct access to local opticians. The leads of the online promotions are directly assigned to the respective local opticians.

“wearlenses“ is connected to “InContact”, a B2B2C portal which enables opticians to convert contact lens test customers into long-term subscription customers. This is how a first-time wearer turns to a long-term customer, and contact lenses become a truly sustainable business model.