My right to the environment

It shimmers wallpapers, paints, PC printers, solar systems, chainsaws and many more products. The Blue Angel has become the most successful environmental symbol worldwide, and “a pacemaker for sustainable consumption”. But... Only a small share of consumers directly associates the word trademark “Blue Angel” with the environmental symbol. Consumers only recognize the label in combination with the image trademark.

Media: Corporate Design / Advertisements / Website / Company literature / Specialized advertisements / Exhibition / Promotion

As we develop a modern Corporate Design, we give the generic “environmental symbol” the name which it was already given years ago by popular choice. The new, uniform brand name design is present in all publications of the Blue Angel.


Our team develops the entire Corporate Design and the derived information brochures.


The brand campaign for the environmental symbol communicates the variety of products bearing the environmental angel in the most relevant living worlds of home, garden and office. It becomes clear in a surprising manner that the Blue Angel offers a wider product portfolio than expected. Conclusion: Anyone can do something for the environment without additional effort and without having to give up something.