For People Who Want More than Securities

With Xetra-Gold, Deutsche Börse has collaborated with seven banks to create its very own marketable security. It combines all the advantages of a share with the reliability of gold bars. Xetra-Gold can be traded flexibly as a security. But unlike traditional securities based on gold, the gold is actually deposited with Xetra – in the most secure safe in Germany. Which means that it can actually be supplied if requested. In addition to ATL advertising, we are also tasked with developing the literature and online advertising. The results after the first year? With a 60% market share, Xetra-Gold is the clear market leader in the European gold segment.

Media: Special-interest ads / Posters / trade fair advertising / online advertising / Social media / trade literature

Timeless paper jewelry symbolizes the value of Xetra-Gold …

... and underlines the unusual presence of a model in the financial pages.