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Sommer + Sommer — Creative and advertising agency from Stuttgart

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We are an advertising agency from Stuttgart that has stopped to do advertisement. Because no one is interested in advertisement. We prefer to write stories. To get under your skin. To remain in the memory. That what your brand has to offer remains unforgettable.

We have already told these stories

Communication from Stuttgart. From the "Ländle" for the whole country.

The dream factory

CLIENT: jobilities

How to make dream jobs come true.


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What do we actually tell?

Why we don't do advertisement.

How many times have you clicked an online banner in your life? Sad, isn't it? Most of what we see on valuable advertising space is advertisements: And advertisements are usually uninspired, they don't entertain, they don't dare and they don't help anyone. Especially not those who pay for the advertising spaces, like yourself.

What we do for you is therefore the following: We are a creative agency from Stuttgart that puts the idea in the center of attention. We tell stories, that are being passed on. We solve real problems of real people. And then we ask ourselves:

Would real people click on an online banner ad?

Stories are just for books. Aren't they?

That’s right. Stories make the numbers in your books even better. Storytelling increases the trust and desirability of your brand and catapults it directly into the long-term memory of your target group.

But the beauty of it is: the whole thing is not a figment of our imagination, but is based on a neurological process. When we hear a story, our brain creates a link. This leads to the story being perceived as a personal experience. If it is also told emotionally, we release dopamine in great quantities, which helps us to store the information.

So stories don’t just touch your target audience or make you memorable. No, stories also boost your sales. Doesn’t that sound like a happy ending right up your alley?

For whom do we tell stories?

We tell stories for everything and everyone. As an advertising agency, it doesn’t matter to us whether it has to fit on a postage stamp or fill the cinema screen. For us, storytelling is relevant in every service and every measure. From 360° campaigns to internal communication, to trade communication or branding: You set the stage, we tell the story.



small but great

We are an owner-managed creative agency from the heart of Stuttgart, founded in 1994 by brothers Gordon and Leonard Sommer. We believe that brands only benefit from bold communication. That’s why we don’t do advertising. We create ideas. From the head. For the heart. With flair and hands-on mentality. Learn more about the team and our philosophy.



You are interested?

Courageous ideas are like courageous people: They stay in the memory. You see it that way too?


Do you need more brevity and spice?

No problem: Simply request our brief agency portfolio with cases relevant to you.