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Well roared, lion.

Website relaunch for The Royal Film Company

How to look majestic without being outdated.

Objective & goal

“Sup dudes, we need a new website. But not a normal one. I guess a little normal, but not too normal. You get what I am saying?”


Movie productions are ten a penny. How do you stand out? By having a website that communicates what the Royal Film Company does best. Telling powerful stories with surprising twists. After all, as a film producer you tell stories, so why shouldn’t your corporate website do the same?

The idea

We combine majestic with modern. By fusing Art Déco influences, vintage photography, and bright neon design elements, a whole new look emerges that tells a story of its own.

The implementation

Potential customers curtsy at the sight for the website: A dark, mystical mood conveys value and seriousness. But the Royals wouldn’t be the Royals if that was it. That is why we cranked up the volume and added bright accents in white, neon and gold. To increase the contrast between modern and majestic, the Art Deco elements meet a classic serif font. God Serif the Queen!
And where is the story? We mainly tell it with exploratory gimmicks such as gif hover animations. This not only increases the click factor, but also the fun factor. Who says the Royals don’t have a sense of humor?! Cheerio!


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Bold ideas are like bold people: they remain engraved in people’s minds. Are you bold enough for bold ideas?


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