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Don’t take my breath away

Promotion campaign for Sandoz

How coughing disturbs your movie experience.

Objective & goal

-Start of briefing-

*light coughing*

“Following situation: It is winter, peak season for a col-…” *coughing* “Excuse me. And ACC Sandoz reduces the-…” *strong coughing* “Now all we need is a powerfu-…” *coughing attack*

-End of briefing-


A cold comes with a few symptoms, one of them: Coughing. A symptom that doesn’t just bother the sick, but also the people around them. Because most of the time, a cold is not severe enough for people to stay at home.

The idea

A coughing attack is never convenient, but there are times when it is even more annoying. For example, when you’re sitting in the movie theater and the story is nearing its narrative climax. The solution: ACC Sandoz.

The implementation

We bring out the product benefit by telling a Hollywood-worthy story. Well, until the coughing starts: two lovers who are meant to be with each other can’t be reunited. Thanks to the coughing. With the surprising plot twist all eyes are on ACC Sandoz. We place the clip where it is the most relevant: as an advertisement in movie theaters – because that’s where coughing annoys absolutely everyone.

Since cold season is not limited to movie theaters, we also spread the message in form of display advertisements and at the POS in pharmacies. Our superhero of the print and POS materials: A Yeti suffering from a cold, who gives the campaign a charming, relatable, and overall positive vibe.



The result

A cinematic moment: The work was awarded a shortlist placement at the Pharma-Comprix 2018.


Bold ideas are like bold people: they remain engraved in people’s minds. Are you bold enough for bold ideas?


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