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Content Marketing

Content marketing is mean. Because content marketing forces you to focus on what your business is really about: Your customers. Stop asking yourself: How can I improve sales? Instead ask yourself: Why should anyone on this planet care?

Are you ready to give the answer to that?

Promotion without advertising

Advertising is full of hot air. Time to let off some steam. Time to stop aimlessly sending messages, and instead start doing something: solve problems, create orientation, entertain. The good news is, that you have already built the foundation for this in your company. Know-how, stories, innovations and a lot more – all of this is already there. At least we hope so. But now comes the crucial question: Is all of it relevant?

How much relevant content do you produce?

What do we want to tell to whom? Asking that question is the starting point for all communication – the same goes for content marketing. That’s why we start with a target group-, competition- and touchpoint- analysis to find out what interests your target group, what moves them, where they encounter hurdles and, if necessary, what makes them laugh.

Before we start with the content analysis, you need to clarify what you want to say to your target group. What is the message? In what category of communication do we place the content? Once the two strategic guidelines – message and target group – have been set, it’s time to get down to business: Relevant content.

01 What’s in it for your customers?

Content marketing is the art of not reinventing the wheel. In close cooperation with you, we analyze existing content and check whether it is suitable for creating added value for your target group. In addition to regular sources of information, such as PowerPoint presentations and product data sheets, the people who work with and for you play a major role. The specialists from product development. The service staff. The founders of the company. Because these people are problem solvers by profession. So, what could be more relevant than what they have to say?

02 Defining the right formats

When it comes to content planning and development, we help you get the content into the right formats: Tutorials, listicles, blog posts, infographics, games, tests, surveys, whitepapers and many other formats are possible. It is important that every phase of the customer journey is filled with the right content, guaranteeing a seamless path from initial interest to conversion. We determine where this route leads to when identifying the best channels for your content.

03 Where to put all this content?

Owned, paid, shared? Corporate website, landing page or blog? Pinterest or Instagram? Is anyone still on Facebook? When choosing the right channels, we follow the habits of our target group. Where are they looking for solutions? Where do they want to be entertained? And where will they do what you are about to do: Convert to customers. We look forward to hearing from you!

The best customer centricity training: Content marketing

Since the beginning of advertising-financed print magazines and TV stations in the 80s and 90s, consumers have had billions of advertising messages dumped on them. Online marketing didn’t exactly reduce this phenomenon, but rather fueled it. The consequence: blindness and negligence towards advertisements. That is exactly the reason why we have to switch from a first-person perspective to a customer’s perspective. Content marketing is very well suited for this because it forces us to keep asking the question: What does the customer get out of it? In the end, the winner is no longer who screams the loudest, but who is most relevant. To find out what is currently relevant, it usually helps to take a look at the most popular Google searches. It quickly becomes apparent that people are not looking for products but for solutions to their problems.

This is how your campaign could look like


Bold ideas are like bold people: they remain engraved in people’s minds. Are you bold enough for bold ideas?

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