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Creative Workshop

You work with agencies and find yourself thinking: “Seriously? I can do that better.” Alright, let’s see it. Together with us, you will forge the next big idea in our creative workshop. Our promise: You will learn something new, too.

Is the creative workshop right for you?

The creative workshop is aimed at marketing consultants, marketing managers, CMOs, marketing decision-makers and co-decision-makers – in short: all marketing professionals who are curious to discover their creativity and get a better feeling for how creation works. This is what the workshop will do for you: You learn how to develop creative stepping stones. How to generate creative ideas. And how to rate ideas. Would you like to take part with your team? The workshop is designed for a group of 3-6 people. It should be at least three people, and if you want to bring more than 6, just shoot us a message, or talk to us about this in a personal meeting.

This is how we spark your creativity

We want to make the workshop as practice-oriented as possible. Maybe you already have a specific task that you want to bring into the workshop with you: A campaign for a product launch that is due this year. The launch of an employee magazine. Or a content marketing strategy that has everything but an idea.

You have nothing going on at the moment? Maybe you just want to see what is creatively possible outside of your industry? Cool with us. We’d be happy to prepare a fictitious case for you, where you can choose from different industries and problems.

01 The basis for creative ideas

A strong message is an absolute must-have in order to create. It’s what you want to communicate through various measures. Do you already know what you want to say and who the target group is? Great, this will be the foundation for the workshop.

You didn’t define a message yet? Not a problem, we are happy to do that for you. You can also choose the option to create messages together with us in a workshop. The choice is yours.

02 How do I generate ideas?

The heart of our workshop: How do I package the message in a way it attracts attention? In this part you not only learn about various creative techniques but also how to implement them. And this is how it works: We introduce you to different approaches, you choose your favorites and use them to develop ideas. Then you present your ideas and receive a first gut-feeling-feedback from all participants.

03 How do I rate and pick ideas?

Because you shouldn’t make a decision about marketing measure worth several thousand euros based on good feeling alone, we show you the criteria you can use to evaluate ideas. This gives you more security when assessing creative output and prevents you and your team from making decisions based on personal taste.

04 The result

At the end of the workshop you will go home with numerous ideas, a set of creative techniques and a better understanding of creation. Your previous lead agency will not recognize you. And maybe you will realize: It’s time for something new. We have an idea.

This is how your campaign could look like


Bold ideas are like bold people: they remain engraved in people’s minds. Are you bold enough for bold ideas?