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Brand Management

Decades of buying behavior research has shown that people buy what they know. So, getting your brand known and making sure it stays known is the most important job in marketing. Make it ours.

How branding works: I know it, I buy it.

If your brand is visible and distinctive, your products purchase likelihood increases. The reason: A brand simplifies the purchase decision by creating orientation – on the shelf or on the web. It is important that your brand is used consistently in all communication measures in order to create maximum recognition in the purchase decision. If you don’t do that, you won’t get things done. So instead of producing one campaign after another without any consistency, you should focus on the essentials: your brand, and a story that can outlive you.

And lead us into temptation

Do you need help with your brand management? Thank you for considering us. We are happy to help you build and expand your brand to ensure that it is recognized on all relevant channels at all times.

This is what we do: We focus on the elements that make a brand a brand. The development of a corporate design, the formulation of a relevant brand promise, the transformation of the brand promise into a claim and the translation into a relevant brand story.

01 Questions, questions, questions, and then positioning

Distinctiveness is everything for a brand. But what makes your brand unique? To figure that out we will enter into an intensive dialogue with you and clarify essential questions such as: Why does your company exist? What can you do better than anyone else? How is the brand image of the competition? How do you see yourself? The first step is to define the brand identity of your company and then, in the second step, to derive a positioning and branding elements such as: color scheme, symbols, tonality, logo and claim.

02 Consistency is King

Your company already has all the necessary branding elements, from claim to corporate design? But still: Somehow nothing happens. You can’t get out of your niche, market shares are stagnating. Why is that? First of all: brand management is a marathon. The consumer has to learn and get used to the branding elements over years for them to develop their full effect.

In order for this to happen, you need another important quality: The willpower to change your branding as little as possible. Consistent communication over a long period of time is the key to success. Take a look at Coca-Cola and Nike – two of the most successful brands who barely changed their branding elements, if at all. That’s why the following applies to you, as well: Just don’t do it.

03 Outstanding or overlooked?

How consistent are you in your brand communication? Do the consumers clearly recognize your brand at every touchpoint? Do you use all relevant touchpoints, or do you ignore important ones? We help you uncover issues and gaps. This includes analyzing the customer journey and finding out where you can best reach your target group, what media to use and what messages to send without diluting your brand.

Maybe the problem is a different one. Maybe you’re not telling a relevant brand story and therefore are not getting the attention your brand needs. Be honest: Do you even tell a story? And if so, does it have something to do with your brand or are you playing into your competition’s hands? This is what you got to do: Find a story that only you can tell, but that will grab as many people as possible for as long as possible. That’s the art. But that’s exactly why you’re here, isn’t it?

This is how your campaign could look like


Bold ideas are like bold people: they remain engraved in people’s minds. Are you bold enough for bold ideas?