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Trade Communication

We don’t need to tell you about your business – you’re the pro. You know your customers inside out. You know your product range. We don’t need to have another conversation about how digitization is turning your industry inside out. E-commerce is no longer called e-commerce, but rather "endless aisle". But still: You are here. So, what can we do for you?

How loud is too loud?

No industry is louder than retail. Because people think that in order to get sales up, you have to be loud. That’s the rule. But is it really? The louder, the more successful? Shouldn’t it be: The more relevant, the more successful? So how about relevant trade communication? It not only pushes sales but also works for your brand. Without a megaphone.

From Point of Sale to the Point of Return

How do people shop? Does everyone shop the same way? When, where and why do customers decide for products that end up in the shopping cart at the local grocery store and online? Why is customer loyalty so low in retail? Can we do more?

And why do we ask so many questions? When we get that question, we like to respond with a quote we saw in a calendar: He who asks, leads. In order to constantly set new impulses in the incredibly saturated industry that is retail, we first must answer some questions. Who is my target group, what do they think and feel, what do they need, and where do I even find my target audience?

What touchpoints are actually relevant?

We answer these questions by doing a comprehensive target group analysis and gaining fundamental insights. We develop customer journeys to get a good idea at what touchpoints purchasing decisions are prepared, made and followed up. We help you to close gaps, optimize existing touchpoints and consistently put your customers at the center of communication. What you get out of? Nothing less than the holy grail:

customer relationships that are less based on spontaneous purchases and more on loyalty.

The strategy is all set. But who implements it?

We don’t just support you with a strategic plan. We also help you with the implementation. Do you need POS materials? You got it. A price campaign that stirs things up? Bring it on. Handouts, brochures and flyers that match the campaign? Absolutely. Sales literature to support your sales? We make it happen. A packaging design for a new product line? You know the answer. In short:

Don’t let anybody tell you stories. Tell stories of your own. We help you with that.

This is how your campaign could look like


Bold ideas are like bold people: they remain engraved in people’s minds. Are you bold enough for bold ideas?