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Liquorice – miraculously magical

Branding campaign for Katjes

Turning sweet-toothed tigers into moonlit cats.

Objective & goal

“We have Lena Gercke. And we have liquorice. This has to take off, guys!”


You love it or you hate it: no candy polarizes as much as liquorice does. What might put everyone under its spell: Since ancient times, liquorice is said to have magical effects.

The idea

What happens if liquorice is indeed magical? With Katjes’ Katzenpfötchen (little cat paws), Lena transforms into a cat at night and experiences magical moments on the rooftops of the city.

The implementation

It’s a short story with a long-lasting effect: Lena munches on Katjes’ Katzenpfötchen, transforms into a cat and moves out into town where she meets a mysterious man. She dances with him through the night and suddenly wakes up in her bed again. Was it all just a dream?


  • TV

With the question "And what's in you?" and the whispered sound logo of Katjes, the spot finds a mysterious end. The spot created the association between product and incomparable adventure. Thus it perfectly conveys the idea of the magical effect.


Bold ideas are like bold people: they remain engraved in people’s minds. Are you bold enough for bold ideas?


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