Green electricity's call to battle – whose side will you take?  

Erdgas Südwest faces the competition in the energy supply market by issuing a “challenge”. The EnBW subsidiary launched its own tariff brand for the new product in the form of the new “natural energy” tablet. Anyone using 100 % green electricity who switches to Erdgas Südwest receives a free latest generation tablet once the contract is signed – and not just during the promotional period. With the campaign, Erdgas Südwest wants to draw the attention of both new and old customers to its environmentally friendly electricity product and encourage them to switch.


Media: Brand design / Radio / Outdoor advertising / Microsite / Spotify / Facebook / Advertisements

The advertisement and poster campaign issues a challenge to itself. Will you switch to the green electricity side with Erdgas Südwest? Then you also have to choose one side: Apple or Samsung.

  • „Let´s Get Ready To Wechsel (Funkspot)“
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The radio campaign stages the boxing match subject with itself in an attention-getting manner.
The spots run primarily on Spotify.

In addition to radio, print and online campaigns, the campaign uses social media: An online personality test allows users to find the right tablet based on lifestyle questions. They were able to ascertain if they were more of an Apple or Samsung type.