Of all the agencies that are different, we are obviously even more different. We’re unconventional thinkers, storytellers and go-getters. Our idea manufactory creates free and unconventional creative products and explores with curiosity what is possible and necessary to achieve the absolute maximum of a task. This may sound a bit like head in the clouds, but one thing is guaranteed: for 25 years we have preferred to showcase strong brands rather than ourselves.

But let's have a look at the important things:

We are a team to which you will lose your heart, because it is really difficult not to fall in love with us weirdos. We make room for your talents and create a playground for your thoughts. And the best part is, we do not have one coffee machine.

We’ve got two.

Here’s a checklist to see if you are a SOMMER+SOMMER maniac:

  • If "wo/man of action" was a profession, you'd be CEO in it.

  • You know Adobe CC & MacOS better than the contents of your fridge.

  • When you hear the word "execution", you don’t think of the hangman.

  • You have been in the game for at least 2 years and you see how the cookie crumbles.

  • You're as flexible as Reed Richards of the Fantastic 4.

  • You are such a sociable contemporary that everyone would like to have a beer with you.

  • Innovation is the foundation of your own thoughts.

  • You develop ideas and concepts autonomously and “AWESOME! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED” is a feedback you hear quite often.

  • Your friends have been greeting you for years with the title song of Bob the Builder because of your technical sovereignty in terms of graphic design.

  • While reading "You can think process-oriented & cross-process", you don't shout out loud: "Damn, there may be a checklist item I can't fulfill".

  • You are able to think outside the box.


You're wondering when it's going to be summer again?
Send an e-mail to Marius Vater with your application to vater(at)
and we'll tell you. We're looking forward to meeting you!