Licorice has a magic effect

For 25 years, Heidi Klum adorned her feet with the colorful Yoghurt Gums. Now, the grande dame of Germany’s Next Topmodel, Lena Gercke, will be stepping into her mentor’s shoes as the crowd-puller for the Katjes brand.

The campaign for Katjes “Katzenpfötchen” (Cat Paws) plays with licorice’s alleged magical attributes. After eating the soft licorice chews, Lena herself turns into a cat and enjoys a magical dance over the roofs of the city with her dream man. Or was it all an illusion?

Fat’s just not my thing

How does a confectionary company communicate that its treats are fat-free without actually addressing this benefit by name? It’s easy: Lena Gercke isn’t impressed by “phat ” cars, music or watches. She goes her own way because fat’s just not her thing.

The German Advertising Association (ZAW) is critical of our work. “The promotion of dangerous road use has no place in advertising”, explains spokesman Volker Nickel. “Then please don’t try this at home, advertising standards peeps!”, Katjes CEO Bachmüller deadpans to the voluntary arbitration board.