Settlers of Catan jubilee campaign

When games author Klaus Teuber and KOSMOS Publishing Company held in their hands the first finished “Settlers of Catan” in 1995, they could not have imagined the success they would still celebrate 15 years later. 10 million games – 400,000 copies per year – translated into 30 languages. It's no surprise that KOSMOS uses the 15th anniversary of this classic game for a jubilee offensive.

Media: Packaging design / Sales communications / POS / Coop partner search / Coop promotion / Microsite


The new design concept for packaging for all games improves brand recognition among the individual products of the product family. The new illustration style increases quality and provides a more detailed look at the world of the individual game.


Sales communications provide all answers to the questions by game retailers in the great jubilee year.

Coop promotions with Landliebe and RITTER SPORT gains the required range for the settlers. Each pack of RITTER SPORT Minis contains an online code with which the island of Catan can be settled on the microsite.

The collector's piece for the true fans of this classic game: together with games author Klaus Teuber, our team develops the special expansion “Chocolate Market”. Here, raw materials for chocolate can be traded to produce the best chocolate at the end.

On the microsite, settlers can swap their raw material codes with other fans to get the required raw materials combination. Those who have completely settled their island receive a 10 Euro coupon to buy the main game at the RITTER SPORT online shop. The success speaks for itself: 220,000 redeemed action codes in a four-month period resulted in the sale of 25,600 games, just in the Ritter-Sport online shop.