Steffi Graf and Nintendo play double

After the Fantastic Four, Sarah Connor and actor Christian Ulmen, tennis legend Steffi Graf gets gaming console sales going at Nintendo. She plays the main role in the international TV campaign for Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports (9 markets, including Australia).

Owing to her own experience with Wii, the tennis legend is a credible promoter not only of Nintendo sports games, but also of shared video games for the family. Result: Nintendo is No. 1 on the German video market again – Wii is the most successful TV console once again – the success of the training program Wii Fit Plus is outstanding: It is able to gain approximately 300,000 German fans.

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The TV spot for the Wii Sports resource pack is aimed directly at families. Now we find out who is the real living room tennis champion.

With two more spots, Wii Fit Plus is positioned as an effective complement to your own fitness program.

The microsite supplies additional information about the options of Wii Fit Plus.


Advertorials show greater detail about the fitness options that open up with Wii Fit Plus.

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