Forest of Wishes

At, anyone can record their own personal dream of the forest of the future, “plant” a tree, and thus enable an interactive “Forest of dreams” to flourish. The PEFC online campaign, where the dreams can be shared and liked on social media, advertises sustainable forestry. Leading companies toom Baumarkt, Bauhaus AG, Margarete Ostheimer, Decker Massivholzmöbel, WestRock and InCasa Schlafraumsysteme were all recruited to take part in the campaign to reach as many consumers as possible.

The campaign was rolled out exclusively in 17 European markets by Bauhaus International based on the 2016 success following the end of the trial campaign. In the first three months alone, over 33,000 dreams were generated. The campaign received two accolades at the Summit Awards in the US, including the honor of “Best in Show.”

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