The answer to the question why you should apply at SOMMER+SOMMER, is quite simple:


Of all the agencies that are different, we are obviously even more different. We’re unconventional thinkers, storytellers and go-getters. Our idea manufactory creates free and unconventional creative products and explores with curiosity what is possible and necessary to achieve the absolute maximum of a task. This may sound a bit like head in the clouds, but one thing is guaranteed: for 25 years we have preferred to showcase strong brands rather than ourselves. We are characterized by down-to-earthness, perfectionism and efficiency. This is why we combine intelligent strategy with a passion for creativity. Thus we garner respect and regard for our campaigns and brands.

Groundbreaking. Exciting. Bold.


But let's have a look at the important things:

We are a team to which you will lose your heart, because it is really difficult not to fall in love with us weirdos. We make room for your talents and plant a playground for your thoughts. And the best part is, we don't have one coffee machine.

We’ve got two.


Here’s a checklist to see if you are a SOMMER+SOMMER maniac:

  • You are a Bachelor/ette in a suitable field of study or apprenticeship and would like to give us your last rose.

  • You`ve got so much expertise in film that your Spiritanimal is Steven Spielberg.

  • You are not just a Digital Native. Online expertise is your USP, your best friend and your Sugar Daddy at the same time.

  • You are a youngster at heart, but an old hand with professional experience and would like to make yourself comfortable at SOMMER+SOMMER.

  • Teamwork is your signature move.

  • The chief of your tribe affectionately calls you a “talkative eagle”.

  • The title of your own action film would be: The Organizator.

  • You are so used to taking responsibility that you doctor the edge of your bed when you hit your little toe on it.

  • You are able to think outside the box.

  • You love your clients so much that you already know what they need before they do.

  • You support your colleagues so lovingly and respectfully with your experience and expertise that they want to hang on your back when you climb up a tree.

  • Are you a fan of analysis? And do you have a clever derivation for every wild idea?

  • You love the three O`s: Open Minded, Open Door, Office 365.



You're wondering when it's going to be summer again? Send an e-mail to Jennifer Scherl with your application to scherl(at) and we'll tell you. We're looking forward to meeting you!